July 16

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From the President’s Desk


There is not much to report this month, we have had five activations so far;  two medivacs and three tows.

On Saturday 18th June we had a Search and Rescue Exercise planning meeting with the Whitsunday Water Police and representatives from the Northern Zone to discuss the details of the scenario that we will adopt.

It had been planned to hold the SAREX in August at Hamilton Island but that being a busy period, it has been moved on to October depending on arrangements with Hamilton Island.

Geoff Smith has started a navigation course that will entail three nights of theory and chart work followed by a practical exercise with VMR1 on the water.

I have inducted a few new members this month and replaced the battery jump start kit with a new model with higher capacity; all crew members should familiarise themselves with its use.

It is just over a month to the AGM and all committee members should be actively trying to recruit new members to the committee.

Ray Lewis


We have sent all current members a separate reminder email.  Don’t put off renewing, or you could face a very expensive bill from VMR.


You can pay by credit card, online here, or mail a cheque to VMR, PO Box 298, Cannonvale, 4802, or pay in person at ANZ Proserpine.

No change to last year’s rates –  $70 ordinary members, $35 pensioners, $10 Active members, $10 for second and third boats.


music day 1.jpg

Jenni Wasson expressed her delight at the success of the second round of MUSIC SUNDAYS, with a steady flow of VMR supporters building up through the afternoon

The new format, new organisers, new bands, playing a variety of music styles at the redeveloped VMR surroundings in perfect early winter Whitsunday weather, continued the successful restart of the regular monthly event last month.music day 2.jpg

Come along on Sunday July 3rd for the next clip board event – free entry, great music and plenty of raffle prizes.  Bring your friends, have a barbie, and drinks are reasonably priced.

Kick back for a lazy Sunday afternoon at one of the nicest spots in the Whitsundays.

music day sunset.jpgThe music starts at 2.00 pm and  runs until 6.00pm – don’t miss the sunset!



VMR Whitsunday has had an excellent year of achievement and our congratulations go to the Management Committee members for this year.  The same applies to the three VMR nominees on the Whitsunday Marine Club Committee.

As we look forward to a new era with a new Rescue vessel, new management systems and a rejuvenated Marine Club, all positions will be declared vacant at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.  Some existing Committee members have indicated that they will not be renominating and we are looking for new committee members to take us into the next exciting stage.  We are looking for members on the VMR Management Committee and VMR appointees to the Marine Club Committee.  In particular, are you able to assist as Treasurer of the Marine Club?

Are you interested?, if so please contact the Secretary initially by email at info@vmrwhitsundays.com.au

Nominations will close July 17th, so contact us now for further information.


Supporting every successful VMR squadron’s operations is a successful administration.

VMR Whitsunday is renowned for its well-oiled rescue and radio activities and our feature stories usually cover rescue vessel and radio operations.  But humming away in the background are the essential business and support functions such as Treasury, Secretarial, Public Relations, Communications (like the Samson Post), Training and Fundraising.  Without these hidden hard workers, the squadron would not be able to perform as well as it does.

Our particular thanks go to Ray Lewis, Geoff Smith, Fin Forbes and David Burge (training), Gary Nicol (VMR1 maintenance), Tom Manning (grants and new vessel co-ordination), Col Ayers (who will soon retire after 26 years as Treasurer), Mal and Linda Priday, Gay Bowden and William Kamsteeg (fundraising), Norbert Gross (Samson Post), Craig Verrall (Facebook and website),  John Caldwell and Margo Merritt (radio room co-ordination) and John Fearnley (Safety Officer).

In addition, Bill Harrison, Alan Winch and Col Ayers have served us well on the Whitsunday Marine Club Committee, representing VMR and steering the Club through its rejuvenation. Of course there is a list of many others who pitch in to help out at functions, cook the barbecues or serve behind the bar.

In the past we have largely relied on individual members to use their home computers for the functions that they perform for VMR, which has resulted in difficulties when an incumbent hands over their role to their successor. With the help from grants from the Department of Social Services and Whitsunday Regional Council we have now introduced smart phones to the rescue vessel and 24 hour phone holders and laptops for office bearers who play a significant role in the functionality of the business side of the squadron.

new pc radio room.jpg

Craig Verrall fine tunes the new Radio Room computer and printer

When the current incumbents hand over their roles in the future they can simply hand over their VMR laptop, complete with operating software and up-to-date records.

We were also fortunate to have received funding to update our ageing Radio Room computer.


Sunday 3rd July  – VMR Music Sundays, at the Marine Club

Monday 4th July – Members Social and Information evening

Tuesday 5th July – Last session of Navigation course

Sunday 17th July – Nominations close for Committee positions

Monday August 1st – Annual General Meeting  (no Members Social Meeting in August)

Monthly Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month.


The next meeting will be this Monday, July 4.

Starting at 6.15pm, after a BBQ and drinks from the bar, the monthly meeting is held at about 7pm, giving members the opportunity to meet other members and committee member, and a chance to discuss matters of interest.

The BBQ is only $3, and drinks are reasonably priced, so come along and have your say.

Notices to mariners

Two more Notice to Mariners added in June for the local area; one about navigation lights at Whitehaven Beach and, probably more importantly for most of us, about reduced navigation depth in the Port of Airlie.

Details are available at the Qld Govt Transport website

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