January 2021



Hi everyone,

Well, this is the last President’s Report for the year, and 2020 was a year to remember (or to forget) in many ways.

VMR Whitsunday has had a very busy record year for Activations, and we were about 30% up on where we finished in 2019 which was a record year in itself.

Major reasons for the increase were in breakdowns which are up 50%, and in medivacs, which were up 40% on the prior year. I think that’s nice recognition from QAS on the capabilities of Coral Sea Marina VMR1 and our crews who have been tasked to do medivacs from all over the Whitsundays, sometimes in very trying conditions.

Our addition to our fleet, Whale Song VMR2, has proven itself, and has handled about 30% of all activations since it was commissioned.

I would like to thank our dedicated volunteers for the effort they have put in for the last year, and it looks like that upward trend may continue in 2021 as more people take to the water with current restrictions on overseas travel. 

And to our many sponsors and supporters, we thank you for your continued support in what has been a very difficult year for many of you. Without your support we would not be in the strong position that we currently enjoy. 

Best wishes to everyone from all of us at VMRW for the new year, and it just has to be better than 2020.

We look forward to continuing to provide that 24/7 support and the marine safety net to the Whitsundays for the safety of boaties and people on the islands.

This is a magnificent part of the world that we live in, enjoy it, but please do so safely. 

Kind regards,
Mal Priday
Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsunday

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