December 2021


Hi everyone,

Activations for this month are sitting more or less at the same level as last year, but year to date numbers are around 60% higher. It will be interesting to see medivac numbers after lock-downs end down south, and Queensland opens its borders. November activations detailed HERE.  

New Membership System

Our new membership system, using a system called “Member Jungle”, has kicked off. VMR Whitsunday is delighted with the strong growth that we are experiencing in memberships, and we need to move with the times and make our system more capable and flexible to meet the needs of our members and VMRW.

Under VMR Whitsunday’s new online membership system, members can now see and update their own account details. Members will be receiving instructions on how to access the system as their renewals become due.

Progress of the Blue Water Review

The Blue Water Review into the integration of marine rescue services in Queensland into one combined entity continues to move forward, but there is a lot of work required before it reaches full implementation.

During this month we met with Working Group members to review the draft of the Resource to Risk survey, with the key takeaway being the rate of increase in total activations for us here in the Whitsundays. We are now the 5th busiest squadron in the State, and second in terms of Medivacs. The Fleet subgroup is finalising specifications for the first 6 high priority vessel replacements.

Disaster Management Group Involvement

VMRW is now an advisor to the Whitsunday Local Disaster Management Group, and we have now attended 2 LDMG meetings. Good preparation is under way for the worst-case scenario that we hope we never need to implement.

Coral Sea Marina VMR1 getting some maintenance

Coral Sea Marina VMR1 will be coming out of the water on December 6 for 2-3 days of planned maintenance, including new anti-fouling thanks to Chris Carter and the team at Hawke’s Boatyard. Whale Song VMR2 will be on standby if required for an activation.

We’re at Bunnings again!

VMRW volunteers will have the honour of providing the sausage sizzle at Bunnings on Saturday, December 4th, so call in and say hello and grab a snag or two while you are there, and help us raise funds for VMRW.

You can join online – tell your friends

VMR Whitsunday membership is cheap insurance at just $80. You can  join online. Your membership helps to keep us going in case you need us. We hope you don’t, but we are here 24/7/365 if you do!

Kind regards,
Mal Priday
Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsunday