July 2022


Read about our Activations during June

Hi everyone,

The number of Activations continues – did you know that our dedicated volunteers are averaging an activation every 29 hours so far this year? On a rolling 12 month basis, that is 293 activations in a year, well ahead of our record 247 for 2021.

The total number of hours on the water for our two rescue  boats so far this year is 565 (last year it was 363). The stats continue to climb, but we’re up for the challenge! 😏

Ever considered volunteering as boat crew for VMR?

It’s not a light decision and a strong commitment of time and effort is required, but the rewards can make it so worthwhile. The process starts with an Induction…initially online and then on the boats….and then you’ll begin the actual training process which is ongoing.

So, not a simple or quick process (you’re joining Emergency Services, not a fishing charter 😋) but our volunteers often talk about the satisfaction of helping others in dire need, and the fun of volunteering with a like-minded team.

If you’re interested you’ll find more info and a registration form on our website.

Building extension plans get underway

Progress on the building additions to our Training and Operations Base (above the Marine Club) is necessarily slow but it’s happening so we’ll continue to keep you updated.  Here’s what it will look like ie triple the space of our current upper floor.

Currently, VMR Whitsunday has gone out to tender and construction is tentatively set to start late next year and be completed early in 2024.  This will serendipitously coincide with the anniversary of the 60th year that we have been here in one form or another, so it will be a year of much celebration!

Fuel Levy has had to go up again

Due to the rapidly increasing cost of fuel in the current market, VMR Whitsunday has been forced to increase the fuel levy from $44 per hour to $62 per hour, effective immediately. 😔

The total price for an activation for a non-member therefore moves to $385 per hour, and for a member that has already taken advantage of their free tow for the year the rate goes to $192.50 per hour for any further assists.

We will continue to monitor the situation, but the trajectory is not very promising at the moment. So far this year we have used over 32,000 litres of fuel compared to just 18,000 litres for the same period last year.

Coral Sea Marina VMR1 is out of the water

Coral Sea Marina VMR1 is currently out of the water for planned maintenance, including new anti-fouling.  Our thanks to Chris Carter and the team at Hawke’s Boatyard.

Whale Song VMR2 is on standby if required for an activation, and we can also call on VMR Squadrons at Bowen, Midge Point and Mackay if required for assistance on the water while we are down one vessel.

Become a member – tell everyone you know!

VMR Whitsunday membership is cheap insurance at just $80, and even more of a bargain if you consider the current fuel levy. Tell your friends and family that they can join online.

Kind regards,
Mal Priday
Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsunday