November 15


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Activation 01/11/15

Skipper: Geoff Fitzsimmons

Crew: Craig, Dewi and Norbert

Task: Medivac from Daydream

On 31/10 I rang Tom to let him know that I was available for callouts. I joked 0300 would be good.

Next day, at 0310 1/11 the phone rang & sure enough it was Tom with a Medivac to Daydream!

We left Abell point at 0400 with crew Craig, Dewi & Norbert plus 2 QAS. While we waited for the QAS to check the patient, Craig showed us the new phone app to identify stars & planets.

We then transported the patient & his father to Abell Point, refuelled & back to our berth at 0600.

Due to the need for the paramedics to monitor the patient’s respiration, it was not practical for the patient to wear a life jacket. We did get a child’s jacket out ready for use if required.

Time on job : 2 hrs      Fuel used : 90 litres

PS: if you are interested in the phone app, it is ‘Google Sky Map’ for Android phones, or ‘SkyMap’ for I-phones, and there are other similar ones. Your favourite search engine is your friend. 🙂

Activation 01/11/15

Skipper: Fin Forbes

Crew: Geoff, John and Gary

Task: Medivac from Hamilton Island

At 2252 hrs Tom (as 24/7 Phone Holder) rang advising that QAS required a Medivac from Hamilton Island.

After advising Hay Pt. VTS of our intended plans, we left APM at 2340 with a paramedic on board and 3 crewmen (Geoff acting as Snr. Crew, John as Crew and Gary Sullivan as Trainee). The paramedic was also an active VMR member and crewman (Leigh). The sea was calm and there was only a light wind although rain was threatening. We arrived at Hammo at 0030 and picked up the patient and an accompanying passenger and were on our way back to APM by 0145.

We had the patient, passenger and paramedic offloaded at APM and were refuelled and safely back in our pen by 0205 hrs. Paperwork and signing off with Hay Pt. VTS and Tom was all completed by 0210.

Time taken: 2½ hrs      Fuel used: 174 litres

Activation 08/11/15

Skipper: Fin Forbes

Crew: Tom, Bill and Norm

Task: Medivac from Hamilton Island

The 24/7 Phone Holder (Bill) rang at 2220 saying that the Qld Ambulance Service required VMR’s help to get an accident victim from Hamilton Island to Hospital.

The crew (Tom as Snr Crew, Bill as crew and Norm as trainee) and 2 paramedics were ready for departure at 2315 – the patient had possible spinal injuries, so the paramedics would have liked to have on board their special stretcher and wheels – but this is not practicable with our present vessel – the new one will have that capability.

There was plenty of rain (and thunder and lightning) for the first 30 minutes of the journey, ensuring those on the flybridge were totally saturated – ridiculous for 2015 – windscreens were on cars 100 years ago! Looking forward to the new boat when we will come into the 21st Century.

We were in H.I. Marina at 0010 and the paramedics did their assessments etc. and had the patient and an accompanying passenger loaded and we were heading back to Airlie by 0055.

We were unloaded and safely back in our pen at APM (after informing Hay Pt VTS) by 0200.

Thanks to all concerned in this Medivac.

Time on job: 2¾ hrs      Fuel used: 197 litres

Activation 11/11/15

Skipper: Fin Forbes

Crew: Tom, Rod and Gary

Task: Tow – Out Of Fuel

I was about to check the generators in preparation for the upcoming wet season – but Bill (24/7 Phone Holder) rang at 1520 hrs. – the generators can wait another day!! A couple (non VMR members) on a 17 ft runabout (anchored) had run out of fuel at Pioneer Rocks and were prepared to pay for our help.

We left APM at 1600 (Tom as Snr. Crew, Rod as Crew and Gary as Trainee) and were at the vessel at 1610 and towing by 1615. They wished to go to Port of Airlie and we had them at the public jetty at 1655, with some difficulty at times due to the strong winds and low tide (not much water at the public jetty at low tide and the SouEaster whistles through there like a funnel).

We were back in our pen at APM at 1715.

Time on the job: 1¼ hrs      Fuel used: 46 litres

Activation 12/11/15

Skipper(s): Ray Lewis, Fin Forbes, Geoff Smith.

Crew: Will, Tom, Roger, Michel, Matt, Norbert, Rod.

Task: Medivac from Hayman Island, male with a festering insect bite, no Ambos required.

We set off at 4.30 pm to do the Thursday training. As it was low tide Fin suggested a quick trip to Muddy Bay to check the extent of the mud and how narrow the channel is (he had had problems the previous evening). We also had a look at depths around the ramp area, saving the knowledge for possible later activations (fyi it’s down to about 0.25 at the bottom of the ramp at LAT). We then went to the entrance to the leads to practice boat driving up to a buoy.

At 6.10 pm we were just completing the exercise when we received The Call from Bill with a Medivac from Hayman. Perfect conditions, light SE, little tide and hardly any sea. No paramedics needed on board, so, even with 10 crew, we had the space and took off immediately.

Hayman were organised, we had the chap on board quickly and off to APM to meet an paramedics who was going to transport the young fellow to Prossie Hospital for observation.

174 litres later we were in the pen for 7.55pm followed by a Sorrento de-brief.

Thanks to everyone, it went perfectly.

Activation 18/11/15

Skipper: Geoff Smith
Crew: Garry Sullivan, Bill Harrison and John Fearnley
Task: Medivac From Daydream

I got the call from Bill about 7.45pm and he decided to join us because it was such a nice night.

We left the pen at 8.15pm and after waiting for the paramedic at the fuel dock departed APM at 8.35.

It was a calmish night, quarter moon, close to the bottom of the tide and small seas; beautiful.

Daydream were organised and we had the little girl and her Dad on the boat, ready for the return at 9.05 arriving at APM fuel dock 9.35.

The little girl had found a penknife and had a long, deep cut, near the base of her thumb, needing stiches.

10pm in the pen and off the boat. It was a straightforward job, done well, thanks to a co-ordinated, professional type crew.

Time on job: 1¾ hours      Fuel used: 97 litres

Activation 28/11/15

Skipper: Fin Forbes
Crew: Mick, Bill and Rod
Task: Medivac From Hayman

I was at the Radio Room and heard a conversation over the radio (at approx. 1130) that said a 23 year old male off a Charter Boat vessel (at Stonehaven) had a spear from a spear gun through his lower calf. The Charter Boat Co. advised them to head toward Hayman Island while the Company would contact the Emergency Services. Dewi relieved me at the base at approx. 1145 and I told him what was taking place and suggested he may become involved.

At 1320 Dewi rang me to advise the Qld Ambulance Service wished us to take a paramedic to Hayman and bring the patient back. We left APM at 1355 with one paramedic and the top crew of Mick, Bill and Rod. The weather was typical Whitsundays – i.e. perfect. We were tied up at Hayman at 1440 and the paramedic went and did his assessment.

The patient and two passengers were on board and we were on our way back to APM by 1510. Travelling at 29 knots back got us unloaded and refuelled and back safely in our pen (with Dewi and Hay Pt. VTS informed) at 1610.

Time on job: 2¼ hours      Fuel used: 171 litres

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