October 15


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Activation 04/10/15

Skipper: Ray Lewis

Crew: Tom, Gary and John

Task: Mast Down, Pioneer Bay

After putting in the morning on Radio duty I took care of a few things and was about to have an afternoon of football when Margo Merritt called to say a small Trimaran had been dismasted in Pioneer Bay out from Mandalay and there were two adults and two children on board (non members) and they requested bolt cutters.

Towing the mast

Towing the mast (submarine?)

With a crew of Tom Manning, Gary Nicol and John Fearnley, we departed APM at 1520 and went to Gary’s yacht to pick up a bolt cutter before rendezvousing with the stricken vessel.
Gary suggested tying a fender and long rope to the mast and sail and removing it from the Trimaran. After removing the mast and sail, the Trimaran used its outboard motor to travel back to APM where it had a berth. Meanwhile, we picked up the mast and towed it to the APM boat ramp and lifted up on the pontoon for the owner to take possession of.

I would like to thank the crew for coming up with some good ideas to complete the job.

Time on job: 2 hrs      Fuel used: 25 litres

PS It was suggested that we buy an 18volt portable disc cutter so that we can cut rigging or chain if required.

Activation 05/10/15

Skipper: Fin Forbes

Crew: Will, Michel, Roger and Alan

Task: Tow, near Stonehaven, Engine Problems

Bill (24/7 Phone Holder) rang at 1425 to inform us of a vessel that needed assistance.
The crew were aboard and we were out of APM by 1505. The wind and waves were appalling so it took us till 1545 to reach the 31ft Power Cat with 3 POB (non VMR members) with motor problems located west of Stonehaven. The owner asked us to tow them the 2 nm to the safety of Stonehaven, as they were not convinced their vessel would withstand the tow back to Airlie in the conditions. We had them there by 1630 safely at anchor and we started back to APM at 1640.
On the w20151005_160953ay back the wind, waves and resulting spray was so bad that my light on my lifejacket was set off as if it had been fully immersed in salt water. Can’t wait to get the new boat where the design will allow crew to remain relatively dry while working on the flybridge or back deck.

We were refuelled and washed down and back in the pen at 1800 hrs.

Time taken: 2 hrs 55 min Fuel Used: 145 litres

Activation 12/10/15

Skipper: Fin Forbes

Crew: Deano, Gary and Norm

Task: Medivac, Nara to Hayman

Craig (24/7 Phone Holder) rang at 2022 to inform us that the Ambos required our help with an accident on a chartered 43 ft Sailing Catamaran in Nara Inlet – a 4 yr old boy had fallen through a hatch and landed on his head. The helicopter from Mackay was also on its way and the action taken would be determined as everything developed.

We left APM at 2100 with a clear night – and a new moon (no moon to speak of) – seas were moderate. Constant communication with the Ambos at Rockhampton and the helicopter (Rescue 412) developed the plan that we would go to the vessel in Nara, transfer the patient to VMR1 and proceed to Hayman Island where the Helicopter would be waiting for us and we could transfer the patient then to the helicopter and the Medical people they had onboard.

We arrived at the vessel at 2145 and took the patient and his father onto VMR1, and proceeded to Hayman arriving there at 2230.

After the transfer of the patient and his father, we left Hayman at 2240 and headed back to APM and we were back in our pen (refuelled, and signed off with Hay Point VTS and Craig) safely at 2340 – a job well done !

It was great to have Deano back on board. His competence (and Gary’s) would have taught our new trainee Norm a lot on his first activation. It makes for a stress free activation when the skipper has total confidence in the competence of his crew – thanks guys.

Time on job: 2hrs 40mins Fuel used: 184 litres

Activation 28/10/15

Skipper: Gary Nicol

Crew: Mal Priday, John Fearnley and Rod Wilson.

Task: Medivac from Hamilton Island

Just settling in for a relaxing night and at 7:40pm I received a call from Tom asking me to go out on a medivac from Hamilton Island. Nice weather, light winds, full moon – so I was soon on my way to VMR1 where I was joined by Gary, John and Rod, and shortly after that by two paramedics. After donning life jackets and giving the paramedics a safety briefing , we departed Abell Point just after 8 pm and with new skipper Gary at the helm made a fast cruise to Hamilton, aided by a strong inward tide.

We tied up alongside the ferry jetty at 8:50, and departed again with the patient at 9 pm for a quite comfortable trip back to Abell Point, arriving at 9:55, offloaded the medicos and their patient and refuelled the boat before shutting down and securing VMR1 about 10:20.

Thanks to the crew.

Time taken: 2hrs 20mins, Fuel used: 172 litres

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