June 16

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Activation 03/06/16

Skipper: Fin Forbes

Senior Crew: Rod Wilson

Crew: Michel del Aguila & Norbert Gross

Task: Medivac, Daydream Island

A call from the 24/7 Phone Holder (Bill) at 0150 started the ball rolling.

We left APM at 0225 and were securely alongside Daydreams wharf at 0255 for Chris (the paramedic) to do his assessment.

activation 03 06 16.jpg

As we arrived at Daydream, Chris got a call from QAS Coordinators in Rockhampton to see if we could go urgently to Hamilton Island on another medical emergency.

The decision was made by the Coordinators and Chris that a chopper would be dispatched to Hamilton island and we would concentrate on our original task.

We had our patient and the paramedic safely unloaded at APM at 0400, and back in the pen, after refuelling, by 0415.

Time on job: 1¾ hrs

Activation 03/06/16

Skipper: Fin

Senior Crew: Tom

Crew: Alan

Task: Medivac, Hayman Island

Dave Morris at the base rang at 1030 to say there was a possible medivac required from Hayman Island. At 1200 he rang to say it was definitely on.

We left APM at 1230 with a Paramedic and 2 Police Officers on board. We informed Hay Point VTS what we were doing and arrived at Hayman Island at 1315.

It only took 10 minutes to assess and load the patient, and we were back unloaded, refuelled and back in our pen at APM at 1430.

We informed Hay Point VTS and Wendy at the base that we were safely back.

Time on job: 2 hrs

Activation 10/06/16

Skipper: Fin

Senior Crew: Roger

Crew: David

Task  – Tow,  Trammel Bay

Bill (24/7 Phone Holder) rang at 1340 advising that a VMRW member in a 4m tinny had broken down.

We left APM at 1410 arriving at Trammel Bay at 1445.

The tide was rising to a high of 2.44m @ 1528. We would need all of that to reach the vessel, at this time, in the position he was in.

We progressed toward him slowly, as at times the sounder was reading only 200mm under the keel. It was touch and go whether to use the tender instead. All went well and we dropped him off at the public boat ramp in Shute Harbour at 1525. A very happy member.

We were refuelled and back in our pen (with Bill and Hay Point VTS informed) by 1620.

Time on job:  2¼ hrs

Activation 19/06/16

Skipper: Paul Catts

Crew:  Richard & Michel

Early on Sunday morning June 19th we were activated to tow a homemade 31ft catamaran that had lost power and was dragging anchor towards the rocks off the VMR BASE, just outside Abell Point Marina.

The weather was inclement, with northerly winds, 100 mm of rain and strong winds due to back around to the west.

We arrived and made contact with the owner onboard. After some tests were conducted,  it seemed the vessel didn’t have electrics functioning and was therefore unable to retrieve his anchor.

The owner attached a float to the anchor chain,  and after attaching a tow line, dumped the anchor.

activation 19 06 16.jpg

We towed him the short distance into an outside marina berth and secured the vessel  just as the wind intensified. The timing was excellent.

We returned to the pen, as the wind hit 43 knots. The crew did an excellent job securing the VMR vessel under the watchful eye of seemingly the whole marina, who were anticipating trouble.

Time on job: 1½ hrs

PS: “Shower at home was warm and great”  Michel

Activation 23/06/16

Skipper: Fin Forbes

Crew: Ron Roberts, Rod Wilson & John Fearnley

Task – Tow, Stonehaven Anchorage (Hook Island) to APM.

A call came through from a non VMRW member at 0935 asking for our help from Stonehaven. He was made aware of the necessary costs involved and possible alternative ‘solutions’, but he assured us he still required our assistance.

We left APM at 1010 and were towing him by 1100. His 35ft motor cruiser weighed approx. 9 tonnes, so a trip at 8 knots (and 2800 rpm) using 58 litres/hr was appropriate. We had him safely back at APM, and us refuelled and back in our pen by 1310.

Ronnie Roberts has not been part of the crew for quite some time – it was good to see him back on board.

Thanks again to all involved – including our friends at Hay Point VTS.

Time on job:  3 hrs

Activation 27/06/16

Skipper: Ray Lewis

Senior Crew: Tom Manning

Crew: Jim Dunn

Task  – Anchor winch issue, Double Cone Islands

Received a call that one of our radio room operator’s boat had a problem near Double Cone Islands.

Crewed up, we departed Abell Point Marina at 1505 hrs and proceeded to the vessel.

The anchor winch was malfunctioning but fortunately the sea was flat; no breeze or load on the anchor.So that with the assistance of the owner and crew we raised the anchor to get them on their way.

Returned to Abell Pt Marina, refuelled and berthed at 1650 hrs.

Time on job:  1¾ hrs

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