February 17

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Activation 02/02/17

Skipper: Geoff Smith

Senior Crew: Ray Lewis

Crew: Will Kamsteeg & Stu Applegate

Task: Medivac – Hayman Island

Bill rang at 0930 for a patient with a bad back requiring Medivac from Hayman, and to pick up the two Paramedics at the fuel dock at 1000.

Ray was already on the boat doing an induction so everything was already checked. We met the Paramedics on time and departed for Hayman in seas nice and flat, with little wind and the chance of rain.

We weren’t too worried about the rain as Bill, not Fin, had activated us; however it transpired that Bill is as good as Fin for allocating wet trips. So there we are, halfway across the passage, scrambling for wet weather gear to get through the rows of heavy showers.  Anyway, we arrived at Hayman at 1100 and were directed to the main dock.

The patient was assessed then loaded aboard with a friend for the 1120 departure of the “Hayman Ambulance Service”, aka VMRW.  Face-wink

We arrived at APM at 1220, unloaded everyone on the Riviera Dock then on to the fuel dock  then into the pen for 1245.  We didn’t need to wash down as we had had several more heavy showers on the return trip.

Thanks to the crew for an uneventful trip and getting us back and tidied up in plenty of time for Thursday Training.

Time on job: 2¾ hours

Activation 07/02/17

Skipper: Ray Lewis

Crew: Michel Del Aguila, Bob Mansfield & Rod Wilson

Task: Tow – Grimston Point

Received a call from Fin late in the afternoon that a 12 metre yacht with 1 POB had engine problems and was encountering strong winds near Woodwark Bay.

We departed Abell Point Marina at 1710 hrs and proceeded to the vessel,  finding it in the shelter of Grimston Point.

We took it under tow and encountered some rough seas as we came around Grimston Point but from there to APM the conditions were reasonable.


As we came into APM, Michel transferred to the vessel, which had enough engine revs to manoeuvre, and he assisted with the berthing and carried out the paperwork.

We were refuelled and berthed by 1900 hrs.

Time on job:  2 hrs

PS:  The owner of the vessel was so happy to see us that he shouted us a beer at Sorrento’s Bar;  other rescuees, take note! cheers-to-beer-smiley.png

Activation 11/02/17

Skipper: Paul Coggan

Crew: Ron Roberts & Rod Wilson

Task: Medivac – Hamilton Island

Received a call from Fin at approx 1945 for a Medivac from Hamilton island.

I met Ron at VMR1, then picked up Rod and QAS Paramedic Matt at the fuel jetty for a 2000 departure.

Beautiful night on the water with calm seas and a full moon meant a pleasant 50 minute run to Hamo.

We had a 20 minute wait for the patient who had a nose bleed when upright since 0100 previous day and very high blood pressure. A bed was made in the cabin and we headed back to Abell Point.

Dropped off patient and Matt, fuelled up vessel and proceeded to the pen for a 2255 finish.

Thanks to the crew for great communication and safe operation.

Time on job: 3 hours

Activation 19/02/17

Skipper: Dean Kowitz

Crew: Richard Atkinson & Norbert Gross

Task: Tow – North Molle

Received a call from the radio room for a vessel broken down.

Got down to VMR 1 and Richard and Norbert had the checks done and we
proceeded on our way at 1600 hrs.

Arrived at vessel who was on anchor and did a fly by to hand them the
towing hook to connect.

We then took the weight of the vessel so they could pull their anchor
in and proceeded to tow them back to Port of Airlie boat ramp.

Richard and Norbert where very well versed on their tasks to do and
did a great job.

Cheers guys.

Time on job 2¼ hrs

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