August 2018

Activation 1/8/18: Medivac from Hayman Island

Why do I own a yacht? So that I can be on the water, watch whales and go to interesting places. I (Ron) was about to start sanding off the old anti-foul from the bottom of my yacht when the VMR number lit up. Did I want to take Abell Point Marina VMR1 out on a Medivac to Hayman Island at 10.00 am on a beautiful day, with light winds and whales in the area? Decisions, decisions… Okay! 🤗

With Ambulance Officer Leigh on board and gear settled, we set out on a routine activation. A smooth transfer of the patient on a stretcher at the main pontoon in Hayman Island harbour was followed by a little whale dodging on the quick trip back to Abell Point Marina and a transition into the ambulance for our grateful patient.

The re-fuel and VMR1 hose-down were accomplished quickly and the vessel was ready for our next tasking. Thanks to the crew of Ray and Rick and Paramedic Leigh (also a VMR member).

Crew: Ray Lewis & Rick Brown
Skipper: Ron Roberts

Activation 4/8/18: Assist broken down jetski

As a group of VMR Whitsunday volunteers were gathering about 14:15 to be briefed on our marshalling duties for the Rotary Reef Parade, I (Mal) received a call from Ray Lewis at the radio base advising me that a jetski had broken down and required assistance.
Quickly giving my apologies, I raced down to Abell Point Marina VMR1 to meet the crew and make our way to the jetski in the Whitsunday Passage between Long Island and Hamilton Island. Conditions were very good, with a very light chop and less than 10 knots of wind, departing at 1440. A quick phone call as we rounded South Molle confirmed his approximate location, and he mentioned in passing that the jetski was now taking water.
It certainly was! As we located him and pulled up alongside the jetski, it was very low in the water, and it looked as if he had lost his seat as well. Then it cried enough…and rolled over and sank with just the nose sticking out of the water.
We recovered the occupant and then faced the quandary of how to recover the jetski. As the nose was in the air it was relatively easy to shackle on a towline. VMR1 was moved slowly ahead, which brought the upside down ski alongside where after a couple of attempts it was righted using boat hooks, and then lashed alongside. The owner then went into the water again to open up the bung at the rear of the ski, but that would not have any effect until we could get the water in the ski low enough so it would float high enough to keep the rest of the Whitsunday Passage water out. While all this was going on we managed to locate and retrieve his seat.
By using our own spear bilge hose and the manual pump, the crew were able to start pumping while VMR1 was moving slow ahead, and eventually most of the water was pumped out, allowing speed to be increased from 5 knots to 15 for the trip to the nearest boat ramp at Shute Harbour. As the crew were preparing to launch our tender to take the jetski and owner to the boat ramp, a passing boatie kindly offered to do that for us, for which we thank him. Taking off the towline was much harder with the jetski the right way up!
VMR1 than returned to Abell Point, and was all finished and secure by 1715. Well done to Marti and Chris in a situation that required a lot of innovation and quick thinking, with a good result in the end with recovery of occupant and jetski.
Crew: Marti Davy, Chris Williamson
Skipper: Mal Priday

Activation 4/8/18: Medivac an injured person on board a private yacht in Nara Inlet.

Our 24/7 phone holder Bill Harrison has perfect timing – I was about to hit the sack just after 22:30 when he rang…a medivac for a person with a bad injury after a fall on board a private yacht in Nara Inlet. As I was about to leave home I saw Marti coming down his stairs in VMR gear as well, so we carpooled to meet the rest of the crew.
Abell Point Marina VMR1 was ready to go by 23:00, but we were delayed while paramedics Rosie and Stephen attended to another incident before meeting us at the marina. VMR1 departed just before midnight with no moon to shed any light on a very dark night and less than 10 knots of E/SE wind and a flat sea.
En route we spoke to the skipper of the vessel who told us that the patient was okay as long as she did not move, but that extricating her from the cabin where she was may be difficult. It was.
VMR1 was rafted up to the other vessel by 1 a.m., but the process of stabilising the patient and giving her enough pain relief to allow her to be moved took about 45 minutes. She was then placed and strapped securely to our backboard – not enough room to use the stretcher – and then it was all hands on deck to carry her out of the cabin on the lower deck, up and over a cupboard (there was just enough room to keep her horizontal) and up to the main deck level before carrying her onto VMR1 for the trip back to Abell Point and the waiting ambulance.
We had her back at the marina about 2:30 a.m., but by the time we carried her off the boat and gingerly put her on the waiting stretcher, helped the paramedics get her and all their gear up to the ambulance, and then refuelled VMR1 before getting back to its own berth, washing down, shutting down and securing the rescue boat for the night it was 3:15 a.m. and we were all looking forward to getting some shuteye.
Many thanks to the crew, many hands make light work and the extraction process from the boat was very well done.
Crew: Marti Davy, Clayton Earl, Ricardo Pritchard, Ryan Houston
Skipper: Mal Priday

Activation 6/8/18: Tow a 5 m. half cabin with engine problems.

Bill Harrison, our 24/7 Phone Holder and SARCO rang me (Fin) at 1852 hrs with the news that there was a 5 metre half cabin moored at Blue Pearl Bay, and it had engine problems. With the crew assembled on Abell Point Marina VMR1, we left at 1925 hrs and headed out to assist them.

We arrived at the vessel at 2015 and immediately took the vessel in tow. This was a standard, normal ‘tow’ activation up until this point….but then we experienced one of those little ‘glitches’ that happen occasionally.

When taking up the tow I found that the Port side engine on VMR1 would not engage gears. Hmmm….weird. 🤔 We shut everything down and restarted but still could not get it to engage gears. We crawled along at 9 knots using only the Starboard engine (with the Port engine idling), and tried to figure out the best course of action. Maneuvering with only the Starboard engine… with a towed vessel behind…in Port of Airlie (or APM)….in pitch dark…. well, to say it would have been incredibly difficult is a minor understatement!

Eventually I decided to simply change over the helm control from the flybridge to the lower helm – and immediately we had the use of our port engine. What a relief! While trying to figure out what to do, I must give credit to Ryan as his work experience was very helpful.

Anyway, we towed the boat back to the Port of Airlie public ramp and were back in our pen (after refuelling and logging off with Bill and Whitsunday VTS) by 2225 hrs. Thanks to all crew for your great work. Michel needs special mention – he was superb as Senior Crewman – thanks again Michel.

Crew: Michel Del Aquila, Dewi Hughes, Ryan Houston and Ricardo Prichard
Skipper: Fin Forbes

Activation 8/8/18: Meet a 36ft sailing vessel sailing from Woodwark and convey it into Abell Point Marina – Engine breakdown.

Ray and I (Mal) were on Abell Point Marina VMR1 working on some electronics and electrics issues with a few technicians when we were tasked to meet the sailboat and take it into its berth at Abell Point Marina. We departed the Marina at 1010, conditions about 20 knots SE wind, moderate sea on the outgoing tide.
The vessel was taken in tow near Grimston Point after they had dropped sail for the slow tow back to Abell Point against wind and tide. En route we had to alter course to steer around a lazy manta ray that wanted the same bit of water that we and our tow did – he won!. Off the marina entrance the yacht was secured alongside and taken into the marina.
With Airlie Beach Race Week about to start and lots of vessels in the marina it was not possible to get the yacht into a double berth – there weren’t any. As we could not get them in with VMR1 we had to use our own tender plus tenders from Whitsunday Escape and Cumberland Charter Yachts to get the yacht safely into the confines of their allocated berth. Thanks to Whitsunday Escape and Cumberland for their assistance.
By the time we returned to our berth it was 1230 and we then waited for the fuel berth to get free – it was a very busy time for the Marina – before moving back to our own berth, cleaning and securing VMR1 and leaving the boat about 1330. Well done to the crew on the tricky task of getting the yacht into its berth.
Crew: Ray Lewis, Ricardo Pritchard and Ryan Houston
Skipper : Mal Priday

Activation 8/8/18: Take a yacht with engine problems (yes, 2nd for the day) into its berth at Abell Point.

Our 24/7 Phone holder Bill Harrison’s timing was impeccable again – I was just putting my feet up when he rang to say that a yacht coming in from the south for Airlie Beach Race Week had engine problems and was requesting assistance to get into its berth at Abell Point about 1800. It felt a bit like groundhog day after a similar activation earlier in the day!

So it was back to Abell Point Marina VMR1 to wait for the phone call from the 38 ft yacht as it rounded Pioneer Point, and then another call to say they were approaching Airlie. They were taken alongside for the trip into the marina, where we were faced with the same problem as earlier in the day – no side by side berth to allow us to take them in using VMR1. Our tender was launched and firstly took Ken across to get his own tender.  Then with Ken’s boat securely lashed to the port quarter of the yacht providing propulsion and Jim providing extra steerage when required using our tender, the yacht was safely in its berth by 1920.

VMR1 was then taken to our berth, cleaned and secured, with the crew leaving about 1930 after another successful activation – well done, fellas.

Crew: Ken Bryce, Ross Garling, Jim Dunn
Skipper: Mal Priday

Activation 10/8/18: Medivac a Skipper with a medical condition on a yacht under sail near Bluff Point

We had to pull together a relatively large crew because the message Fin (our 24/7 Emergency Phone holder) was getting from the Queensland Ambulance Service suggested that as well as getting the Skipper off the target we may need to sail the yacht to Abell Point Marina
We left APM at 18.10 heading for Bluff Point trying to raise the target. Whilst checking out Bluff Point Bay the target called to say they were to our East. We were alongside at 18.30. I thought having the target leave their sails up would help stabilize them in the chop. It proved to be a mistake as despite having 5 people on board, they only had one crew member who had any idea (and that was limited) so with him steering
there was no one left to handle lines.

After they dropped their sails we transferred the Paramedic across and he returned soon after with the Skipper. We passed over the tow and started back to APM at 6 knots as the state of the boat suggested the tow point may not be
strong enough for anything faster. We spoke to the Water Police on the way in and they asked us to put the target on the public wharf as they wanted to talk to the crew.

Mistake number 2 was deciding to put the tow alongside the Northern side of the wharf when they had limited crew and the wind was from the south. Fortunately the APM security chap had come down to give a hand and he helped get their bow line secure. Unfortunately the stern line had not been
rigged so we all ended up swinging on the bow line. From the fortunate perspective we were able to slip our lines and escape before we landed on The Damien Leeding (Police boat). The APM security chap was able to grab their stern line after it was rigged and skull dragged the target alongside. It was a good thing he was there and able to help.

At 19.40 we had refuelled and put VMR1 back into the pen for an equally quick wash down.

Crew:- Fin Forbes, Roger Wodson, Jim Dunn, Ken Bryce, Marti Davey
Skipper: Geoff Smith

Activation 11/8/18: Respond to Mayday call for vessel taking water off Pioneer Rocks

Judith Backway in our radio room received a Mayday call from a 50 foot sailing vessel that was taking water near Pioneer Rocks, and she called me (Mal) just before 1010 to put things in motion.  I asked her to put together a crew while I made my way to the Marina. Whitsunday VTS was getting more details from the vessel by radio. Abell Point VMR1 departed the marina just after 1030 and approached the vessel about 10 minutes later, to see a Police boat already alongside and starting to transfer their pump on board. Another tender had put crew on board the yacht to assist, not quite sure of the name but he had on a Deep Blue shirt – thank you for your assistance. 👍

Abell Point Marina VMR1 was then asked by the Police to come alongside to transfer our bigger pump to try and keep the water at bay as it was well over the floor boards. We secured on the boat’s starboard side and rigged our hoses and pump, and after a period it sounded like the two pumps were slowly gaining. At the request of the police I called Chris Carter from Hawkes Boatyard advising him of the situation and requesting an emergency lift using the travel lift once we got the injured yacht into the marina, and he was soon on his way into the Boatyard to assist.

Entering the marina was a bit dramatic – despite broadcasting on channel 16 twice and also on channel 9 the fact that VMR1 and the police boat were inbound with a vessel in tow between us and requesting all vessels to keep clear as we had restricted maneuverability, a large power boat exited the marina as we were in the leads and was sticking doggedly to the centre of the channel!

Repeated bursts of 5 blasts on our horn (meaning “I am unsure of your intentions” did not seem to make a difference, and then he decided to accelerate to get out of the way thereby creating a big wake – just what you want when you are rafted up either side of a towed vessel!  Furious hand signals got him to slow down and move out of the way, and I do not know if he heard both VMR1 and the police tell him that his actions were not very clever, or words to that effect. Lesson here is use your VHF and monitor channel 16 at all times!

In the marina we launched our tender, and VMR1 dropped its lines while the police boat, together with experienced commercial skipper George Canfield in our tender and another passing tender eased the vessel backwards onto the travel lift that Chris had just manned, about 1145. Thank you Chris at Hawkes Boatyard for the prompt response.

Out of the water the problem quickly became apparent – it had lost its prop and shaft!

VMR1 recovered our tender – thanks George – and then went straight out to our next activation. Good work by the crew getting the motorised pump and hose in place.

Crew: Ray Lewis, Fin Forbes, Jim Dunn
Skipper: Mal Priday

Activation 11/8/18: Tow 7 metre power boat with engine problems into the marina

It’s been all go during Race Week! 😃 As soon as we had taken the stricken yacht into the marina (see above), Abell Point Marina VMR1 was on its way out again to retrieve a power boat with engine problems in front of the marina. They had called just as we were under way for the first emergency tow of the sinking yacht, and we asked them to put out an anchor and we would get to them as soon as we had finished the other activation.

After confirming their location with our base, we soon found them and took them alongside for the pretty easy transfer into the marina, casting off lines at the end of their pier – they had power for short periods and were able to make the way to their own berth.

VMR1 was back in its berth by 1230, hosed down, cleaned and secured. Thanks again to the crew for making it easy.

Crew: Ray Lewis, Fin Forbes, Jim Dunn
Skipper: Mal Priday

Activation 11/8/18: Assist a 5m open tinny broken down near Unsafe Passage

It was late on a Saturday afternoon (1630 hrs) and I (Fin) was thinking about wrapping up the day’s activities and get organised to go out for dinner later that night. All had to be put on hold though as the phone rang….it was Gay Bowden in the Radio Room. Apparently a member had broken down near Unsafe Passage and required a tow into the marina.
It was a typical winter’s day – the weather was clear, seas calm, wind 0 -10 knots ENE, tide rising, 1 hour after low. Myself and 2 crew members met on Abell Point Marina VMR1 and left at 1700 hrs. It was all very ordinary and uneventful so we had them in tow at 1725 and had dropped them off at the public jetty in APM. By 1600 hrs we were back in our pen (after the 24/7 phone holder and Whitsunday VTS had been informed of our return).
This was a standard retrieval activation for VMRW, but the photos are a little unique as cameras were clicking from BOTH boats. Thanks Tash for your great shots of our crew in action, not to mention the beautiful sunset. 🙂
Crew: Roger Wodson, Ricardo Pritchard

Skipper: Fin Forbes

Activation 12/08/2018: Assist a member with engine problems

I (Ray) received a call from Tom at the radio base that a member’s vessel with 3 people on board  was 30 kilometres out past Hayman Island and was having engine issues.  Although not broken down, they were travelling in limp mode at 6 Knots…that’ll take a long time to get anywhere! 🙂

With a crew of Roger Wodson, Tim Hearn and John Caldwell we departed on Abell Point Marina VMR1 at 1315 and headed out past the Airlie race week fleet on a flat sea.  This was another standard run so it was entertaining when we passed a whale and calf plus a pod of dolphins.  Makes it fun!

We met the stricken vessel inside of Hayman Island and towed them to Abel Point Marina where they were able to use their own power to travel to the boat ramp. We had to queue up to get to the fuel wharf but were washed down and finished by 1515.

A simple job with the crew performing well and enjoying the afternoon’s run.

Crew: Roger Wodson, Tim Hearn and John Caldwell
Skipper: Ray Lewis

Activations 17/8/18: Two members needing help – a double whammy!

Task 1:- Member broken down NW of Pine Island

I (Geoff) got the call from Cap’t Fin that a member’s 4.5m Quintrex was broken down NW of Pine and close to the Long Island shore, with 3 on board. Met the crew on Abell Point Marina VMR1 and off we went in near perfect conditions ….leaving at 12.40 and pulling alongside the stricken vessel at 13.27. (Yes, exactly. I love it when Roger is on board 😆)

The Paperwork was promptly completed then off to Shute at 13.40. Whilst waiting for us to turn up they had been talking to the engine service people in Cannonvale who suggested a whole raft of things to try, none of which worked. No dramas though as it was a quick hook-up and a speedy tow. When we got near the Shute wharf (at 14.04 😅 ), we started pulling them alongside and the owner thought he would try the motor again. Of course, the damn thing started, (don’t you hate outboards) which made getting them to the ramp very easy.

We were fuelled up and back into our pen at 15.00 Thanks to a very competent crew for a perfect trip.

Crew: Bill Hopton, Terry Clarke, Roger Wodson,
Skipper: Geoff Smith

Task 2:- Assist a member with a broken engine on his yacht

I (Geoff) had just got in the door from the previous Activation when Cap’t Fin called…again. 🤨 Apparently a member was returning from a weeks trip around the islands, but a dud engine meant he needed help into Muddy Bay Marina.

Met the crew and boarded Abell Point Marina VMR1, arriving alongside the yacht by 17.10. They had been able to grab a mooring next to the entrance to the Muddy Bay channel so we didn’t need to worry about anchors.  Perfect! 👍  We did not bother with a tow either because the conditions were so good; we just had them lashed alongside.

We had them into the marina at 17.25 and into their pen. Luckily, the vessel alongside their berth still had a crew on board so they helped manhandle the yacht into place, and we were back in our own pen by 17.45.

On the way home, I was muttering about cancelling my membership or at least taking myself off the Availability list. 😋

Crew: Michel del Aguila, Bill Hopton, John Bulmer
Skipper: Geoff Smith

Activation 18/8/18: Tow a 38ft sailing catamaran from Double Cone to its mooring off Airlie Beach

I (Mal) received a call about 1645 from Jenny Greig in the radio room, to advise me that a 38 ft catamaran was experiencing engine troubles (starter motor) and would require a tow back to its mooring off Airlie Beach. Jenny gave me the owners mobile number to allow me to check on its status. He advised me that a friend was helping to tow him back from near Double Cone Island in the very light north easterly wind.

Further discussions revealed that the friend was short on fuel though, so I advised the cat owner to have his friend head straight back to his boat ramp and that we would come and get the cat near Double Cone – better to have to tow one boat a bit further than have to tow two boats!

Abell Point Marina VMR1 departed at 1725 for the half hour trip to near Double Cone, where we came alongside the cat to get his particulars before setting course for Airlie at about 6.5 knots with the cat in tow. The owner had given us a target for his mooring when he was asked for a GPS position for the mooring, which was received by text and input into our navigation system.

By the time we were getting close to Airlie, darkness had set in, so the cat was secured alongside and carefully maneuvered onto his mooring, making full use of plotter, radar, spotlight and FLIR to avoid other boats and moorings on the way in. He was successfully deposited onto his mooring at 1925, and VMR1 then made its way back to its own berth where it was washed down and secured by 1940 before I headed home in time to watch the Wallabies go down to the All Blacks – getting boring, that is. 😉  Thanks to the crew for another good job.

Crew: Roger Wodson, Tony McNeill, Tim Ahearn, Karoliina Kunnari
Skipper: Mal Priday

Activation 20/8/17: Medivac from Tongue Bay

I (Geoff) was just walking out of Proserpine Post Office about 1150 when the 24/7 phone holder (Fin Forbes) rang to give me a heads up about a possible medivac. Nothing confirmed yet so I wandered through downtown Prossie to continue my chores….and sure enough Fin rang back to confirm that yes, there was definitely an activation. End of the chores!
I arrived at Abell Point Marina VMR1 at 1230 to find the crew already carrying out pre-start checks…we have such a keen and well-trained team of volunteers. 🙂 The Ambos had also arrived so we were underway at 1245 with just over a one hour run ahead of us to Tongue Bay travelling at 23knots. The sea was a bit bumpy but VMR1 handled the conditions admirably.
Arrived at Tongue Bay 1350 and collected the patient plus some family members. After evaluation by the Ambulance Officers  we headed back to Abel Point. Luckily the seas had moderated a little so it was a more comfortable  trip home.  Dropped off our passengers, refueled, hosed off and were on our way home by 1600.
Crew: Ross Garling, Ron McCall,& Murray Story
Skipper: Geoff Fitzsimmons

Activation 22/08/18: Medivac (possible heart attack) from Hayman Island

I (Fin) got a call from Emergency Phone Holder Bill Harrison at 2005 hrs to advise that an Activation had been called to assist the Queensland Ambulance Service evacuate a patient from Hayman Island…apparently experiencing heart attack symptoms.

Met the crew and 2 Paramedics on Abell Point marina VMR1 and left  at 2045 hrs. The conditions were good….clear weather,  seas calm to moderate, wind 5 to 10 knots ENE.  It was an uneventful trip and we arrived at the Hayman Marina at 2135 hrs.

When we arrived, we left the Paramedics to look after the patient and bring him on board.  We departed Hayman at 2140 hrs.

By the time we had unloaded our passengers, refuelled and washed down and nudged ourselves back into our pen at Abell Point Marina, it was already 2245 hrs and about time for bed!  All aspects of this activation were handled in a calm, efficient, professional manner. For this I thank all concerned.

Crew: Roger Wodson, Tony McNeill,  Ryan Houston and Chris Williamson

Skipper: Fin Forbes

Activation 23/08/2018: Assist a member with mechanical issues

Bill Harrison the 24/7 phone holder received a call from Whitsunday VTS that a VMRW member had broken down on the out side of the islands between Hook and Dumbell Islands.  I (Ray) proceeded immediately to Abel Point Marina VMR1 and was joined by crew members Ryan Houston and Ricardo Pritchard.  We departed the marina at 1330 with perfect conditions.

We met the vessel just around the corner from Hook passage and towed it back into calmer waters to complete the paperwork before continuing to Abell Point Marina.  All very uneventful as we arrived back at the marina, placed the vessel at the boat ramp, and fuelled up……just in time for me to assist Ron Roberts with the afternoon’s boat training.

This was a relatively easy 3 hour activation so I authorised Ryan (who has a Master V) to carry out the operation while I crewed and observed his performance.

Crew: Ryan Houston and Ricardo Pritchard
Skipper: Ray Lewis

Activation 26/08/2018: Assist vessel taking on water after hitting rock

The day began when I (Ray) received a call from Janet Eldridge who was on radio room duty.  She had heard a call from a vessel advising that they had witnessed a  large vessel hit a rock near Burning Point on Shaw Island.  Not good!  I advised Janet to put a call out to see if she could get more information and to contact the water police, and that I would come immediately to the base to assist.

By the time I got to the radio room we were in contact with the sailing ketch “Isabella” who was standing by and taking some of the passengers from the damaged vessel onboard their own yacht.  The owner of the stricken vessel  requested a water pump as they reported the boat was taking on water.

After talking to the water police I proceeded to Abell Point Marina VMR1 to prepare it while a crew was organised.  Luckily that happened quickly so with a crew of Bill Harrison , Kym Jolly and Ross Garling we departed the marina at 0945 and headed off in perfect conditions.  We met the ketch “Isabella” near Linderman Island and confirmed that three persons from the disabled boat were on board and on their way to Hamilton Island.  The skipper of the ketch said that the vessel had hit Platypus Rock and had a large hole in it and that the owner and his wife were still there in their tender.

When we arrived at the scene VMR Midge Point was also there…one of their crew had gone with the owner to check out the situation.  As they were returning the water police arrived to take control.  After discussions with the owner and the VMR Midge Point crew member, it was decided that pumps were not required as the vessel had a large hole and was sitting on the rock with the tide falling.  The insurance company was notified and a  salvage company organised to take over.

With the owner and his wife on board we towed their tender to Hamilton Island where we met up with the vessel “Isabella” and left them to meet up with their passengers.  With that operation successfully achieved, we returned to refuel, berth and wash down VMR1 getting away by 1325.  Thanks to the crew .

Crew: Bill Harrison, Kym Jolly and Ross Garling
Skipper:  Ray Lewis

Activation 26/08/18: Assist a non-member out of fuel

Got a call from the 24/7 Emergency Phone Holder at 1809 hrs that a  4.8m ‘ski boat’ with two people on board was stranded near False Nara… they were out of fuel. 😶  I (Fin) met the crew on Abell Point Marina VMR1 and we headed out at 1630 hrs.

Conditions and weather were just another perfect Airlie Beach evening, with calm seas, Wind 0 to 10 knots NE , 1016 hPa and steady. Flooding tide (High at 2249 hrs) …and an almost full moon to light our way.  Gorgeous!

We arrived at the vessel at 1907 hrs and after doing the necessary paperwork, we had it under tow by 1920 hrs (after helping them raise their anchor).  Arrived at their requested destination of Hamilton Island Marina by 2010 hrs.

VMR1 was back in her pen in Abell Point Marina, refuelled and washed down by 2145 hrs ( after advising Whitsunday VTS  of our safe return).  I thank the crew for doing their allocated tasks calmly and efficiently, making the entire activation professional and appear easy.

Crew: Roger Wodson, Jim Dunn,  Chris Williamson
Skipper: Fin Forbes