September 2022


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Hi everyone,

Only 30% up for the month to date! Last month must have been an aberration with lower numbers but we are back to what are becoming normal numbers. So far this month an activation has taken place on average every 26 hours!

The big fleets for both Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island race weeks have presented a couple of challenges with all the boats out (but not insurmountable) while we have been on the water manoeuvring to safely get through or around the large numbers of racing yachts.

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New tender getting covers

The new tender on VMR1 has been on Coral Sea Marina VMR1 for a few weeks but is now off getting covers fitted over the pontoons.

It is meeting or exceeding our expectation so far, a nice piece of kit and once again we express our thanks to the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia for the funding to make this possible from their Safety of Life at Sea Trust, it is much appreciated.

Building extension plans on hold

The grant for the building extension is on hold while the new government reviews applications, but we are still optimistic that the application will stand on its own merits in due course. Watch this space!

Have you considered AIS?

If you had any doubts about the effectiveness or take-up of AIS (Automatic Identification System) in Australia, the screenshot below shows a multitude of vessels with AIS out on the water on one day last week, with numbers boosted by the race fleet for Hamilton Island Race Week.

AIS is a system that you can fit on your boat that identifies your position and past track on the internet and to other AIS-equipped vessels, and can greatly assist if rescue services need to locate you in an emergency. The number of boats fitted with AIS units is expanding rapidly, and it is a great addition to the safety equipment on any vessel.

Fuel Levy down again

The cost of fuel has dropped, and as a result we have been able to reduce the fuel levy rate by $20 per hour, down to $42 per hour, making the new charge-out rate $365 per hour. We will continue to monitor the trajectory. We have used over 37,000 litres of fuel so far this year and that would have been a fair bit higher if our secondary vessel, Whale Song VMR2, had not done 23% of the non-medivac activations.

Farewell from this President

This will be my last President’s Report as I am standing down after our AGM.   After 2 years as Vice-President and 5 years as President of this great volunteer organisation, it is time for a change.  I leave the management committee knowing that VMRW is in a very good position thanks to both a great team of dedicated volunteers, plus the fantastic level of support that we get from the Whitsundays community

Mal Priday

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Kind regards,
Mal Priday
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