August 2022


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Hi everyone,

It is no surprise to see the number of breakdowns and other assists down for the month of July, considering the less than ideal weather we have been experiencing recently – but it is nice to think that people are checking the weather before venturing out. Winter is usually light winds and clear skies – but not this year, so far.

It is not very often we are behind for the month to date, but we are still well ahead for the year to date.

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New tender for Coral Sea Marina VMR1

Our new tender is now on board Coral Sea Marina VMR1. It comes complete with a new electric start outboard which should make it a lot easier for our crew, and more reliable.

Our thanks to the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia for the funding to make this possible.  It comes from their Safety of Life at Sea Trust fund, and is much appreciated.

Building extension plans get underway

Although a number of builders were unable to quote due to their workload, we can report that we have received some quotes for the construction of our upgraded training and operations area above the Marine Club. 

As expected it is considerably higher than previous estimates we received before the impact of the COVID pandemic really made its mark. This is an important upgrade for us however, so we will be looking at ways that we can meet the shortfall without impacting on our core operations and vessel maintenance and replacement programmes.

Fuel Levy is being held steady

The cost of fuel continues to rise, and we are continually monitoring the trajectory. At present, indications are that we may be able to maintain the current levy, despite an initial rise over the last month which is now showing signs of easing. Fuel usage so far this year is over 32,000 litres.

VMRW out in the community

On Saturday 30th July, VMR Whitsunday participated in the Emergency Services Day at Coral Sea Marina and some of our volunteers enjoyed showing attendees around both of our vessels. We were also at the Cannonvale School Fete the following day.

Next Saturday (6th August) we’ll be getting Whalesong VMR2 out of the water again, this time to participate in the Great Barrier Reef Festival. Come along and give us a wave!

Coral Sea Marina VMR1 maintenance

Coral Sea Marina VMR1 was hauled out, antifouled and had other maintenance done by Hawke’s Boatyard earlier this month.  We thank Chris Carter and his team for their ongoing support.

This week it is Whale Song VMR2’s turn, coming out to have the rubber rubbing strakes replaced at Whitsunday Ocean Services. 

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Kind regards,
Mal Priday
Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsunday